Electric Daisy Carnival

[EDC 2015]

How a handful of EDC DJs chose their colorful names

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      Real name: Frédérik Durand

      “I love the name Snails … It’s badass, it’s super fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. People be like, ‘Who’s that guy Snails? What’s up with him? He’s weird!’ I wasn’t going to be called DJ Fred and put it all on the table straight away, you know?” (ukf.com)

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      Real name: James Hazell

      “[Try] flipping the F and C around. ... I was trying to make it as a producer in drum ’n’ bass and didn’t want people to know who I was at the time. I ended up coming up with some stupid names ... FuntCase was one of them, and it made me laugh! I never thought I would make it this far, so I’m stuck with it.” (edmchicago.com)

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      Real names: Dan Goodman & Ian Johnson

      “It came from the movie. Bearded Dan gets to be Russell [Crowe]. Ian chose Proximo.” (iheartcomix.com)

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      Real name: Max Pote

      “I wanted to come up with a name that would be easy to brand in the way I wanted—something hip-hop-ish but also futuristic and mechanical … I just kind of thought of the word.” (magneticmag.com)

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      Eats everything

      Real name: Daniel Pearce

      “I eat a lot, and I play everything. I don’t actually eat everything—it’s quite remarkable how much stuff I don’t actually eat. So Eats Everything is basically a massive lie. [But] it stands out, and I thought the logo could be cool. It’s quite important to have a good name to stand out.” (blog.lessthan3.com)

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