Tis the season for the terrace at Omnia

With gorgeous weather and stunning Strip views, autumn is the season to take the party outside at Omnia.
Al Powers

After months of scorching Vegas heat, fall has arrived. Sure, it was still 90 degrees in the middle of October, but those cool desert evenings have replaced the blaze. Now we have every reason to party outdoors when the rest of the country has stepped out of its sandals and into Ugg boots.

Since Omnia opened in March, it has raised the bar for Vegas nightlife, driving decadence in every way possible. So it makes sense that the Caesars megaclub would take advantage of the changing season by launching an outdoor event at its impressive terrace. Sunday nights at the sexy, fresh-air lounge provide a serious contrast from the club’s more opulent, over-the-top weekly programming. For starters, the main room is closed, but you have the rest of the week to dance under that wild chandelier. That doesn’t mean Sunday is any less luxurious; the Terrace boasts plenty of cabanas and sofas plus a 50-foot bar, which means rarely waiting for a drink. You’ll have that much more time to spend on the dancefloor, under glowing lamps and LED-walls that sparkle along to the groove. The Sunday-night schedule features electro-house DJ Mondo through the rest of October, with Fergie DJ, Tyler Sheritt and Vegas’ own Mikey Francis rotating through the outdoor schedule.

With sweeping, breathtaking views of Las Vegas Boulevard before you, you’ll need to snap a few panoramic shots so you can remember the terrace’s sultry energy long after you’ve gone home.

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