Catching up with Afrojack: On Bugattis and Bieber for Halloween

Sound shaper: Afrojack helped design the audio system at Omnia, where he’s a resident.

You’re in Vegas a lot. Does Halloween make a big difference when you’re playing here, or is it always just Vegas? Vegas is always up for a big weekend, but for Halloween it’s more than everybody getting dressed up to go to the club. The entire place goes through a metamorphosis, and it’s always cool to be part of that transformation. I hope everyone is getting ready because this is my last [show] at Omnia this year, and I’m gonna close it off with a bang. But I’m from Holland, and we don’t really do that much on Halloween.

So no costume this year? I don’t know. I might wear a wig and pretend I’m Justin Bieber.

You’re a resident at Omnia and Hakkasan. Will you be playing the new club Jewel when it opens next year? I didn’t even know about that. I started at Omnia this year, and it’s been great. It’s going to be my home for a while, for sure. I got to help design the sound system.

Maybe they’ll get your input for Jewel. I’m always down to help design clubs. There’s nothing more fun than to be part of creating a place where so many people have great experiences.

Have you ever thought about creating and opening your own nightclub somewhere? Yes. I’ve been thinking a lot about that, but it’s still just in the idea phase.

You’re in the news now for your lifestyle as much as your music. Apparently you’ve placed an order for the new Bugatti Chiron supercar. How do you feel about that kind of exposure? Honestly, it’s really dope that if I wanna buy a new car everyone gets as excited about it as me. If you buy something cool, you always wanna tell all your friends about it, so I guess the press does it for me sometimes. But it doesn’t do anything for me or the music, so I don’t really care. I try to keep my family out of the picture—I want them to have their own lives and privacy. But with the stuff I do, my privacy disappears.

You’re expanding your label and changing up operations. What’s the priority right now? Right now the most important thing is that every song gets the attention it deserves. I’m bringing everything in-house and making sure everything is perfectly organized. Trust me, it’s a lot of work, but nothing is better than bringing the experiences I’ve had to other artists who are just starting. The time I had last year, [the] private jets and [big shows were] amazing, but more amazing is getting to share that with younger talent, the new generations.

Phantom of Omnia with Afrojack with Mr. Mauricio, Mondo. October 30, 10:30 p.m., $50+ men, $30+ women, Omnia.

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