Get back in the water for Wynn’s Shark Swim

Shark attack!
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Jason R. Latham

Jaws 3 is wack,” laughs Steven Lockwood, speaking from his office inside the Wynn Resorts complex. “There has not been a shark movie that’s had an impact since the first Jaws.”

With that, the executive director of Wynn Nightlife easily passes the “What’s your favorite shark movie?” test. There’s nothing on the line (except good taste), but it’s nice to know the person spearheading Wynn’s annual Shark Swim knows the score.

On this day, Lockwood is putting the finishing touches on what has been a months-long planning process for the July 25-29 festivities, which will see Encore Beach Club, XS and Intrigue transform into a nautical paradise with three distinct themes and a DJ lineup that’ll have you begging to get back in the water.

Docked at Intrigue

The opening night of Shark Swim serves as the bait, or chum, so to speak. Though you’ll be walking through a giant whale’s mouth at the entrance, the club will be decked out like a pier party for those who prefer to stay dry.

“We’ve turned the hallway into an aquarium,” Lockwood says. “Inside it will feel like the Santa Monica pier, and the Library is an underwater seaport lounge modeled after Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

RL Grime headlines the July 25 kickoff, which will feature staff in “stylistic sailor” outfits.

Underwater at XS Nightclub

While the pools will be filled with inflatable sharks—“Everything from mako to great white to hammerhead,” Lockwood says—you’ll see mermaid costumes throughout XS.

Joining you for an underwater weekend will be three of Wynn Nightlife’s heaviest hitters: The Chainsmokers on July 27, Diplo on July 28 and Marshmello for Sunday’s Nightswim on July 29.

Shipwrecked at Encore Beach Club

Encore Beach Club will see the most action during Shark Swim, with a Thursday-to-Sunday lineup that includes daytime performances from Dillon Francis, The Chainsmokers and Diplo, along with Nightswim shows headlined by Flosstradamus, Slander and, of course, Bite This label founder Jauz.

The venue is embracing a shipwrecked theme, so bring your Gilligan hat, but leave your Wilson volleyball at home as there will be plenty of props inside.

Encore Beach Club will also debut a new, exclusive SharkSwim bottle package. The $25,000 Big Kahuna comes with two bottles of Grey Goose, a bottle of Patron Platinum, 15 bottles of Dom Pérignon and 24 Red Bulls. For all that, you’re going to need a bigger boat.

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