Apex Social Club brings the Sleepover back to life

Pajama party!
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All the buzz surrounding the Palms is about its newness. Those black-and-white billboards sum it up: “Out with the old. In with the gold.”

But new rooftop night spot Apex Social Club is bringing back a bit of that old Palms flavor this weekend with the Sleepover, an all-nighter that begins at the club and stretches into an entire floor of hotel rooms and specialty suites.

Clique Hospitality nightlife partner Jason “JRoc” Craig started working at the Palms as a bartender in 2005. He spent years at Ghostbar and other Palms venues before eventually striking out on his own with the Clique team, and he understands the nostalgic feeling many locals and Vegas clubbers maintain for the recently renovated property.

“The Sleepover was a party we used to do at the Palms back in the day, and it was a very successful event and something everybody looked forward to,” Craig says. “I’m really excited, because it does bring back those feelings. Everything is so new and different now, but if you remember what it used to be, it was more about the feeling and the vibe the hotel kind of carried as opposed to particular spaces. It’s about doing fun things and involving the locals and being different from other casinos.”

Sunday night’s event invites clubgoers to dress in pajamas, lingerie and other sleep attire at Apex, where Vegas mainstay Vice will be on the decks. Craig promises lots of Instagrammable moments at the 55th-floor club, but the Sleepover will be just getting started.

The party takes over an entire floor of the hotel reserved for tastemakers and influencers. It includes two newly renovated penthouses, all of which will be decorated to match the theme. There will be DJ sets, sponsors and more in each penthouse and bar setups in the hallways to service those bouncing from room to room. And don’t rule out some surprise guests and/or performers. “We’re going to re-create what we did in the past with a little new style,” Craig says.

Clique is looking to install the Sleepover on the last Sunday of every month, introducing different themes for each party. “It’s definitely going to evolve with other fun things we’ll do to keep it fresh and different from last time,” Craig says.

THE SLEEPOVER AT APEX SOCIAL CLUB with Vice. July 29, 8 p.m., $20-$35. Palms, 702-944-5980.

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