Expect new music (and fake animal heads?) for Beats Antique’s DJ set

Beats Antique lands at Brooklyn Bowl on May 11.
Photo: Shaun Hollingsworth / Courtesy
Deanna Rilling

Work a little world fusion into your Friday night when David Satori and “Sidecar Tommy” Cappel of the group Beats Antique visit Brooklyn Bowl for a special DJ set. We caught up with Satori prior to the eclectic gig that’ll present a medley of everything from flamenco and Afrobeat to French gypsy jazz.

Since you usually have a whole crew with you, what will the DJ set be like? It’s going to be just like every regular DJ set: people getting down on the dancefloor! We look at it as a chance for us to experiment with music that we’re influenced by and play new music, new tracks and everything.

Speaking of new music, it’s been a couple of years since Shadowbox, so do you have any unreleased songs you’ll be sharing with the Vegas crowd? Yeah, we have a couple new tracks that we will be mixing into the set. Sidecar Tommy has some solo tracks; I have some tracks from other projects as well. We’re just mixing together our label repertoire, our discography from our label Beats Antique Records.

Are you guys gonna be wearing faux animal heads at the show? Possibly, possibly, you never know. You have to come check it out.

How did that start? That started just me and Zoe, the dancer in Beats Antique—she will not be at the DJ set, because it’s not a performance. We’re just looking it as not doing our big show, just sort of a DJ vibe. Me and her found these crazy plastic animal heads in Hawaii at this store and we bought them and just started having fun with them onstage.

You’re doing a contest looking for some sort of performer to win the chance to be with you guys onstage at Lightning in a Bottle later this month. What type of thing would catch your attention? We’re looking for people to do something unique and different, and something that they’re good at. We’re open to anything, as long as you can tell someone’s put a lot of time and energy into working on it, and it’s something new and fresh.

You’re known for combining a whole bunch of musical influences, so what’s maybe the most unexpected one you’ve explored? We’re open to a lot of different styles. One of the ones that we’ve done that’s unique is a Balinese Gamelan orchestra.

BEATS ANTIQUE May 11, 8 p.m., $20-$25. Brooklyn Bowl, 702-862-2695.

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