Cosmo’s CRSVR keeps pool partiers suited up

GM Jordan Hattar inside CRSVR
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Dayclubs and pool parties have become such an indispensable part of the Las Vegas experience, you’d think the clubbers and partiers would come prepared. But that’s not always the case.

“It sounds dumb, but it’s easy to forget something when you’re coming to Vegas,” says Jordan Hattar, general manager and buyer at stylish spot CRSVR at the Cosmopolitan. “It’s funny to see, but it happens so often that it’s become the norm. We’ve got guys coming in wearing a full suit or their outfit from the night before, head to toe. They literally need shirt, shorts, shoes, everything, the full getup. Some guys try to go to the pool wearing swim shorts and the button-down from last night, or they might have Chelsea boots on with swim shorts.”

That’s not going to work, which is why Hattar has become the guy those folks need to know before they even try to get through the doors at Marquee Dayclub, located just next door to CRSVR. The sneaker boutique and apparel shop has been one of the city’s favorite retail specialists since it opened with Cosmo in 2010. CRSVR is known for its limited-release and rare-find footwear, the best from big brands like Nike, Adidas and Jordan and a celebrity clientele looking to stay fresh when in Vegas. But during the summer, CRSVR becomes board shorts central, because you can’t get into the club without the right gear.

“[At] other places, you can pretty much wear whatever—cargo shorts and jerseys and all that. Here it’s the complete opposite,” Hattar says. “If you don’t have the exact swim-material shorts on, they’re not letting you in. I’ve seen big-name NBA and NFL players get turned away at the door.”

Marquee’s hosts simply direct ill-equipped guests to CRSVR to get suited up, and Hattar has adjusted his seasonal buying to make sure appropriate sandals, shorts and tank tops are always in stock. The store also has its own private label, and it’s a best-seller, which you know if you’ve seen CRSVR tees at the dayclub.

“We really cater to all the events and whatever is in town at the moment, whether it’s EDC or NASCAR or the concrete convention. Everything is always changing in here,” Hattar says. “We’ve really transitioned our business around the dayclub because of the number of customers we’ll have in over the weekend. We’ll have 100 people in here at noon on a Saturday and then another 100 people for the shoe release we’re doing that morning. It’s definitely crazy.”

CRSVR Daily, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Cosmopolitan, 702-698-7605.

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