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The watermelon Caipirinha, Vettro’s Garden and The Diva cocktails at Aria
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Heidi Hinkle, you had me at “pickled okra.” As Aria’s Director of Beverage/resident mixologist, Hinkle was charged with the task of creating healthy, lower-calorie options for ladies (and gents) craving something tasty around the property, minus the threat of thunder thighs.

Absolut Apeach vodka, fresh muddled strawberries, fresh sour mix shaken and served over ice create The Diva, available exclusively at Aria’s View Bar. This 165-calorie cocktail is reminiscent of strawberry lemonade—you could down quite a few before you know it.

Two variations on a Caipirinha are available, combining Leblon Cachaça, fresh lime, rock candy syrup and either pomegranate juice or fresh-squeezed watermelon juice. The bolder pomegranate Caipirinha is available at all of Aria’s casino bars and weighs in at 187 calories; Aria’s pool is the place for watermelon Caipirinhas, 196 calories. Substitute Splenda for rock candy syrup and save 72 more.

Vying for vegetarian attention is the Vettro’s Garden. The 167-calorie Bloody Mary variation at the 24-hour Café Vettro mixes Absolut Peppar Vodka, fresh-roasted red pepper puree, V-8, fresh carrot juice and jalapeño Tabasco sauce. Garnished with a skewer of pickled okra, green tomato, broccoli and carrot, it’s a healthier start to a night of drinking, or the hair of the dog after a night of over-consumption.

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