At Comme Ca, it’s always ‘thyme’ for bourbon

Check out this herbaceous libation—just one created by in-house mixologists at Comme Ca.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Sabrina Chapman

The Egyptians used thyme for embalming. The ancient Greeks burnt it as incense in their temples. During the Middle Ages, European maidens presented gifts made with the herb to their knights, believing it would bring courage. In 2012, thyme is the key ingredient in Thyme for Bourbon, a cocktail off Comme Ça’s newly debuted mixologist section of their 18A menu.

Nate Propst, one of Comme Ça’s five in-house mixologists, designed the drink in the kitchen five years ago during Thanksgiving. A bit of Marie Callender’s berry pie filling, bourbon, some rosemary, a little lemon, sugar, and voilà: a cocktail was born.

After a bit of tweaking, Thyme for Bourbon ($15) is now a jiggered pour that will have your palate singing its praises. Elijah Craig 12-year bourbon provides a smooth base with a hint of spice, while currant Crème de Cassis is sweetened by simple syrup and uplifted with fresh lemon. It’s all topped off with sprigs of thyme, an herb that has withstood the ages, from ancient Egypt to the Comme Ça kitchen.

Thyme for Bourbon


2 oz. Elijah Craig 12-year bourbon

3/4 oz. Crème de Cassis

3/4 oz. simple syrup

3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice

3 thyme sprigs

lemon peel

Method: Pour first four ingredients into a shaker. Add ice to shaker and shake vigorously. Double strain over ice. Garnish with lemon peel and a sprig of thyme.


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