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GBDC’s tubular shot will lift your spirits

Grab four friends for this team shot and get ready to party at Ghostbar Dayclub.
Photo: Sam Morris
Sabrina Chapman

Well, shizzle my dizzle, daytime debauchery at the Palms is back! Ghostbar Dayclub kicked off Season 2 on October 20, and this time the sky-scraping party comes with mouth-watering Pop Rocks-rimmed shots for all.

N9NE Group, the mastermind behind GBDC, presents the Bacardi Razz “Dizzle” ($55). Served in a “shotski,” a drinking tool made from shot glasses epoxied to the top of a tube, this cocktail requires synchronized drinking with friends and fellow revelers. Five partiers stand shoulder to shoulder with both hands holding the tube. At the count of three, it’s lift, tilt and down the hatch.

Before you set the alarm and round up the crew, however, please take note of N9NE Group’s caveat: “Please drink responsibly. We are not responsible for things you regret saying, broken appendages, nights you can’t remember or why you chose the person you woke up next to.” Now that that’s out of the way, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody!

Bacardi Razz Dizzle


½ oz. Bacardi Black Razz

½ oz. cranberry juice

Pop Rocks (rim)

Method: Rim shot glass with Pop Rocks. Pour Bacardi Black Razz and cranberry juice into shot glass. Shoot!

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