Shobu teaches us to put sake to work with its saketinis

The Shobu Saketini is the saketini in its purest form.
Photo: Steve Marcus
Sabrina Chapman

Sake is in the house at Shobu Japanese Sake House, Geisha Corporation’s newest restaurant on Decatur. Shobu is blazing trails to redefine the cocktail experience with a tantalizing menu of perfectly chilled saketinis. Where to begin? A martini in its purest form is a cocktail containing portions of the base spirit gin and the fortified wine vermouth. Then it only makes sense to start with a saketini in its purest form—sake and plum wine.

The Shobu Saketini ($7) is genuinely mesmerizing. Junmai sake has a bold earthiness that is balanced by the soft summery sweetness of the plum wine, resulting in well-structured complexity. Pair this gateway saketini with hamachi and karaoke for a most fun night in the sake house.

Shobu Saketini


2.5 oz. junmai sake

2.5 oz. Kinsen plum wine

Method: Add sake and plum wine to shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


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