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Frozen Beauty Sake is like sipping on spring

Photo: Olga Minkevitch
Sabrina Chapman

Though Las Vegas winters are hardly comparable to the ice-and-snow beatings in the northern U.S., chilly nights and cold desert gusts are still enough to send us searching for sweaters and scarves during the cooler months. Thankfully those days are over, at least until next fall. March 20 marks the official welcoming of spring. How do Vegas high rollers celebrate? By breaking open a bottle of Yellowtail’s Frozen Beauty Sake ($2,400).

Wine sommelier Yukiko Kawasaki is responsible for delivering this delicious elixir, milled from Yamada Nishiki rice and aged for 10 years in a customized cooler. Like the Greek goddess of spring Persephone emerging from the darkness of Hades to share her bountiful florals, opening up a bottle of Frozen Beauty is entering a world of pure, clean, soft, fruity brilliance. Like sipping on spring.

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