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Twin takeover: LA duo Deux is building its own musical brand

Deux spins at Light at Mandalay Bay on April 14.
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Twin sisters Brigitte and Jaimee Navarrete are on a mission. Everything they do is designed to set them apart from the crowd. And they’re only in the very beginning of their journey.

“We’re definitely aware of not being taken seriously,” says Brigitte. “I mean, we’re fake blonde sisters from Hollywood. We didn’t want to be a gimmick. It’s hard to stop being viewed as just the twins. I think it was the consistent bookings that made everybody take us seriously.”

Known together as the hip-hop-oriented act Deux, the sisters had been DJing for a few years when they signed with SKAM Artists last year. Constant touring has helped build their abilities and confidence—Vegas, Miami and Denver are among their favorite cities to visit and play—and now they are making plans to build a full-fledged musical brand.

“For most of the past year we’ve been locked in an apartment working on production, really learning how to make a track from start to finish,” Jaimee says. “When we put something out, we want to be able to say 100 percent this is our stuff, no other person is making these sounds. We know we’re an easy target.”

While Brigitte takes the lead on the production front, Jaimee takes the reins when it comes to style. Deux is expecting to double its number of gigs in the coming year while rolling out new music and different streetwear-inspired merch, testing the waters for more fashion efforts to come later on down the road.

“That’s kind of the way we do everything, test the waters and when people respond, then we go all in,” says Brigitte.

It all comes back to the music, the rhythms that sparked the sisters’ interest in the first place.

“We love making people dance. It’s really the only way to know if people like what we’re doing or not,” says Jaimee. “But we never really keep the same set, we try to keep it evolving. We don’t want them to know what’s coming next.” Deux at Light at Mandalay Bay, April 14.

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