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Go above and beyond at Cravings’ new Chef’s Table Experience

For an additional $20, diners get a five-course meal curated by Cravings’ talented chef.

When is a buffet more than a buffet? When an already high-quality experience is upgraded with a chef-curated selection of dishes served straight to the diner.

The chef’s table concept might seem an odd fit for a traditional Las Vegas buffet, but it has been worked into some of the Strip’s biggest and best. And the new Chef’s Table Experience at the Mirage’s Cravings is affordable and accessible. You’ll gain access to the entire Cravings buffet, already one of the best out there, along with a special meal providing the kitchen’s skilled craftsmen a chance to show off.

For an additional $20, guests are seated at a special table and presented with five courses. The meal within a meal begins with a mini caprese salad and assorted sushi, along with toasted garlic bread. From there, a more decadent salad featuring citrus and goat cheese is served alongside a lovely charcuterie and cheese board that includes duck prosciutto and imported Spanish manchego cheese.

Entrées include an expertly prepared Angus beef sirloin with chimichurri and turkey roulades wrapped in bacon; grilled vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes act as the accompaniments. As a finale, a tableside presentation breathes new life into chocolate lava cake. Chefs paint a white serving board with chocolate and raspberry sauces, top it with individual cakes and even brûlée some marshmallows. The flavors match the spectacle.

If you’re looking to double down on your all-you-can-eat meal, Cravings’ Chef’s Table makes for a worthy indulgence. The Chef’s Table Experience at Cravings at the Mirage, 702-791-7111; daily 4-9 p.m.

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