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Getter gets wild with new sounds and style

After the recent launch of his Shred Collective, the DJ spins at Surrender March 31.
Photo: Tyler Shields

Twenty-three-year-old DJ and producer Tanner Petulla—you know him as Getter—has only been in the biz since he started making music in high school, but he’s already collaborated with huge EDM artists like Datsik, Skrillex and Borgore, and he’s already seen a side of the industry he’d rather avoid.

“I’ve met a lot of people that I love and a lot of people that want something out of you, and I just wanted to eliminate that part and make an environment that is true and honest and fair with my friends,” Getter says. That’s why he recently launched Shred Collective with his fellow artists, a group that runs the gamut, from music to fashion to visual art. “If you’re the only person out of your friends who gets rich, it’s not really that fun. I’d rather we all be rich so we can rage and do dumb sh*t. And it gets fans more involved, too, because it’s not just, hey, buy this song. It’s more like, look at all this weird sh*t and then buy all this stuff.”

The Shred launch was accompanied by the release of Getter’s new track, “Inhalant Abuse,” an unpredictable grime-fest that demonstrates his wild style and varied influences. Using Shred as a platform grants him more creative freedom.

“There are a lot of labels out there that want to maintain an image, which is totally fine and cool, but maybe that image won’t match something I want to put out,” he says. “I used to be with a label that was all about the really gnarly dubstep stuff, and I wanted to come back and make some more from-the-heart, vibey sh*t, and it wasn’t the right place to release it. You can never look at Shred Collective and say it’s a dubstep thing or a house thing. It’s whatever anyone wants to do.”

Getter’s current musical direction includes metal, one of his earliest influences, along with hip-hop. He’s working on an old-school, Mobb Deep-influenced album under the name Terror Reid. “I just want to make all the music I can before I die and put it out whenever and however I want to,” he says.

Getter at Surrender at Encore, March 31.

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