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Josh Bell Hates Everything

Las Vegas Weekly film critic Josh Bell is tough to please. Hear his take on the week's new releases in theaters and on DVD.

Date Episode Description
31 July 2009 Potter, Potter and more Potter Las Vegas Weekly Managing Editor Ken Miller joins Josh to talk about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as well as the Harry Potter series in general, plus Watchmen and more on DVD.
31 July 2009 Not-so-funny people Stand-up comedian and filmmaker Jason Harris joins Josh to pick apart Judd Apatow’s disappointing Funny People, plus a few words about The Soloist on DVD.
29 June 2009 Low Budget Hits Josh Bell reviews the summer's biggest low-budget hits.
17 June 2009 Wrapping up CineVegas Las Vegas Weekly contributor Julie Seabaugh joins Josh to wrap up the 2009 CineVegas film festival, including award winners, local films and festival highlights.
22 May 2009 The disappointment of sequels Jeffrey K. Howard of Vegas Film Critic and KVBC/KVCW joins Josh to chat about disappointing summer sequels Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, plus Dance Flick. Also, a great new reissue of two John Wayne classics on DVD.
24 April 2009 Well-meaning crap Michael T. Toole, contributing writer for Turner Classic Movies website, joins Josh to chat about earnest but ineffective new releases The Soloist and Sin Nombre, plus Fighting and Earth also in theaters, and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s comeback vehicle JCVD on DVD.
24 April 2009 Movies in 48 hours Angela Abshier, producer of the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project, joins Josh to chat about this weekend's edition of the event, plus new theatrical releases Gomorrah and State of Play, and The Wrestler and Frost/Nixon on DVD.
3 April 2009 Fast & furious & worthless Las Vegas Weekly Managing Editor Ken Miller joins Josh to discuss car-racing extravaganza Fast & Furious, plus The Great Buck Howard, Adventureland, Sunshine Cleaning and a handful of mediocre new releases on DVD.
27 March 2009 Deep thoughts about monsters, aliens and haunted houses Anthony Del Valle, theater critic for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and former film critic for Las Vegas CityLife and the Las Vegas Mercury, joins Josh to chat about the unexpected depths of new releases Monsters vs. Aliens and The Haunting in Connecticut, along with an early look at Sunshine Cleaning, out next week. Plus, recommendations to check out Slumdog Millionaire and Tell No One on DVD.
13 March 2009 When is real too real? Jeffrey K. Howard of Vegas Film Critic and KVBC Channel 3 joins Josh to analyze the violence in the new remake of The Last House on the Left. Plus, the vulgar comedy Miss March, Role Models on DVD and a new Blu-Ray edition of Pinocchio.

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