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From the pages of Las Vegas Weekly comes Radio Mag, a weekly podcast featuring stories and extended interviews on news, arts, politics, entertainment and everything else that matters in Las Vegas.

Date Episode Description
8 December 2011 The secret in plain sight Most people have never stepped inside UNLV's Special Collections, a treasure trove of documents depicting a simpler time in Las Vegas. UNLV professor and Weekly contributor Lynn Comella takes us inside. Plus, magic in the modern world. Is the Internet killing one of Vegas' most beloved industries, or bringing it forward?
1 December 2011 It's good being Flaky With the holidays breathing down our necks, we talk shop with Sarah Flake, creator of the adorable Flaky Friends stuffed animal featured on this week's cover. Plus, bingo is one of those classic games played by children and purple-haired church ladies alike. Palace Station Bingo Manager Bobby Dean, who has been in local gaming for decades, tells us about the old days and some of today's big-money all-paper tournaments.
24 November 2011 Thank you, dammit What are we thankful for? Chicken fingers, cheap theater and the UNLV Runnin' Rebels, who've started the season strong. Sports writer Ray Brewer talks college ball in a town that lives for it. And in the second half of our show, Erin Ryan has some Irish roots, but she found out the hard way that a yank should never take on a native of the Emerald Isle when she spent an evening drinking whiskey with Jameson brand ambassador Kate Flanagan.
17 November 2011 Into the rock photographer's archives Vegas-based rock photographer Robert Knight chronicled musicians like Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones in their heyday. He joins Spencer Patterson for a look back at a career with the greats.
3 November 2011 The history of the Las Vegas Arts District Staff writer Kristen Peterson recounts the history of one of Las Vegas' most controversial (and fascinating) neighborhoods: the Arts District. And later in the program Rick Lax chats up the sexy "Absinthe" star Melody Sweets.
27 October 2011 Run, (for 24 hours), run Fresh off a 30-hour, 185-mile run in the desert, Weekly editor Sarah Feldberg talks Ragnar Relay, the grueling team race that brought thousands of runners (and hundreds of well-decorated vans) to make their way around Las Vegas this past weekend.
20 October 2011 Home sweet school Weekly staff writer Erin Ryan discusses education hot topic home schooling with parents and students who use the home as a classroom.
6 October 2011 Pour me another In honor of Las Vegas Weekly's Booze Issue, Ken Miller gets drunk in-studio this week! Just kidding, but he does get into the beauty of booze with Freakin' Frog owner and UNLV instructor Adam Carmer, a man who knows a thing or two about liquor, beer and the power of a good drink. Later in the show, Josh Bell doesn't hate the Pollygrind Film Festival, a local grindhouse event scaring Vegas audiences for the next 10 days.
29 September 2011 It's catching On this episode of Radio Mag, Sarah Feldberg and Spencer Patterson get the creepy crawlies talking infectious diseases and how Vegas would fare in a Contagion-like outbreak. And, later in the program, John Katsilometes is in-studio to give a history lesson on the creation of the enduring "What Happens Here, Stays Here" ad campaign as its up for inclusion on the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.
22 September 2011 Asking, telling This week, the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is official and gay and lesbian servicemembers can speak openly about their sexuality after decades of hiding. April Corbin leads a roundtable discussion of current and former military members who've served under DADT and talks about the way the policy was used and abused to force skilled soldiers out of the armed forces.

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