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From the pages of Las Vegas Weekly comes Radio Mag, a weekly podcast featuring stories and extended interviews on news, arts, politics, entertainment and everything else that matters in Las Vegas.

Date Episode Description
19 August 2011 The badass women of Las Vegas In honor of our Badass Women's Issue, we talk to two of this year's honorees—badass UNLV student, mom and advocate activist Karla Washington and badass chef Carla Pellegrino. Hear their stories—and what makes them so friggin' badass—on this edition of Las Vegas Weekly's Radio Mag.
12 August 2011 Jockeying for position You've probably driven past the Jockey Club hundreds of times and scarcely noticed. On this episode, Steve Friess talks about the ups and downs of the property's 30-year history and the lessons we might have learned from the aging Jockey Club, if we'd cared to listen. Later in the program, staff writer Kristen Peterson recaps the August edition of First Friday, the first without Whirlygig's street festival.
15 July 2011 Brunches and budgets Where are the best places in Vegas to straddle the line between breakfast and lunch? Weekly food critic John Curtas talks Benedicts, Bloody Marys and the most delicious brunches on and off the Strip. Plus, April Corbin talks to former UNLV President Carol Harter about the fundamental problems in the Nevada System of Higher Education's funding formula and what it's doing to UNLV.
1 July 2011 Legal love thief Stories about love and living on both sides of the law. First, a discussion of gay marriage and what it could mean to Nevada. Also, "The Gentlemen's Thief" talks about modern robbery, learning the craft and the criminal mind.
9 June 2011 Entertainment tonight Looking for a way to escape the heat or bask in it? Thoughts on fans' obsession with J.J. Abrams and his newest film Super 8 and a trip to the Cashman Center to see the Las Vegas 51's.
26 May 2011 And the winner is ... Las Vegas Weekly Editor Sarah Feldberg, Managing Editor Spencer Patterson and Associate Editor Ken Miller sit down after one very long day putting together the 2011 edition of the Weekly Awards. How are the winners decided? Where's the best place to eat with your hands? Why is editor Sarah Feldberg's head cut off in the issue? Find out.
19 May 2011 Slow ride A look at the business that live in the shadows of the Strip's mega-resorts through one very long walk. And a trip inside one of those resorts to experience an auto collection decades in the making.

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