Teeing off: A look ahead at next-level venue Atomic Golf

Atomic Golf near the Strat

Golf has always been one of the quieter spectator sports. But Atomic Golf, a new $75 million mega complex, has plans to perfect your swing while you party.

The 100,000-square-foot golf range, started construction next to the Strat in December 2022 and is on track to open in the first quarter of this year.

Located minutes away from the Arts District and the Strip, Atomic Golf occupies a coveted piece of territory, with 103 hitting bays facing the western mountain ranges and its eastern side overlooking the bustling urban sprawl of Las Vegas Boulevard and Main Street.

Last fall, we threw on a hard hat and toured the grounds. What we discovered is that this seemingly simple golf range is also taking a big swing at entertainment, putting itself on par with offerings you might see on the Strip.

“We are pushing the limits of the newest, greatest entertainment and event complex in the city. Golf is part of it, of course, but we’re hyper-focused on technology,” says Ashley Vaughn, national director of sales at Atomic Golf.

Vaughn says projections show more than 60% of people who visit the venue won’t be golfers—and they’ve meticulously planned for that. The space houses two VIP suites; two kitchens led by Las Vegas chef and Guy’s Grocery Games winner Robert Lomeli; the Cosmic Lounge, a swanky spot made trippy thanks to programmable LED screens being outfitted in the floors (an idea one of the owners got from a trip to Europe, Vaughn says); and six bars, including the exclusive Tap Room on the third floor.

“This is where we’re highlighting how much we’re leaning into the local community. We’ve commissioned local artists to paint murals, put their artwork on the wall throughout here,” Vaughn says of the Tap Room, which utilizes Bottoms Up tech to disperse beer from the bottom of the glass. “We also have 15 different beers from local breweries, so where lots of guests have experienced the breweries in the Arts District, we’re bringing them all to one spot.”

During our tour, Vaughn proudly unveiled the main artery of the building, the Astrocade. It’s a megasized watch party zone, anchoring attention spans with a 40-foot LED screen that’s set to air all Vegas Golden Knights games and more.

All four levels of Atomic Golf, no matter where you are, look down at the Astrocade. In fact, you can pretty much see from one end of Atomic Golf to the other, thanks to a beautiful, open-floor concept.

“The space is so customizable and flexible. We can make it what we want. And then of course, there’s the game,” Vaughn says. “That part, we’re really leaning into a video game style of experience. We actually have commissioned some video game designers specifically to design games just for our venue.”

Golf balls are tracked with proprietary technology as they’re slugged out onto the 212-yard range. The urge to gamify the games even more has also been discussed, Vaughn says. Stats from golfers are saved and the venue’s even in the early development stages of creating a campaign mode where you can continue games during another visit.

If you’re still perfecting your swing, visit Atomic Golf’s putting district on the first floor, which deploys projection mapping on the mini course. It’s a good alternative for a chill, less competitive experience (unless you invite that intense friend who’s excessively good at Wii Sports golf).

The lush lawns of a private country club are tough to beat, but Vaughn believes Atomic Golf, with its climate-controlled bays and immediate gratification of gamified play, has the power to pull pro players away from the real thing.

“I think it’s a complement to it,” she says. “It’s another way to enjoy golf. We truly believe that there’s something for every level of golfer.”

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