“It acknowledges that women have a place in political struggles and that they can just as believably fight and die for a cause as a man could.”

Nevada Conservatory Theatre presents an all-female ‘Julius Caesar’

March 8th, 2018

“It acknowledges that women have a place in political struggles and that they can just as believably fight and die for a cause as a man could.”

  • The one-act play is chock full of people using others in extreme ways.

  • Majestic Repertory Theatre’s current season wraps in June, but the local theater company is already looking ahead.

  • “I’ve been navigating from my experience as a woman of color, and those are stories I wanted to tell.”

  • Through meetings, plays and readings, AASATF commits to raising positive awareness about minorities and their accomplishments within the theater and in the film industry.

  • “The timing, the movement … it’s all dialed up to 11 in this show.”

  • For his directorial debut, Noah Keeling chose the play The House of Yes by Wendy MacLeod.

  • “People focus on the broad strokes of stories, but the interesting parts are the small details within it.”

  • The couples’ various problems include infidelity, alcoholism, undisclosed bisexuality, divorce and run-of-the-mill annoyance.

  • The 2018 schedule will include the world premiere of a new musical called Big Foot.

  • “I realized that a lot of local performers here were going to LA to take workshops on their days off.”

  • It’s a wacky comedy magic show with a down-home twist.

  • To their credit, the actors work well with what they’re given.

  • ‘An Octaroon,’ ‘The Motherf*cker With the Hat’ and ‘Love, Love, Love’ all open locally this week.

  • Co-director Joseph Kucan doesn’t want you to think that a play about terminal illness is “as terrifyingly horrific as it sounds.”

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