UNLV professors and authors Doug Unger and José Orduña will host the February 28 event.

A primer on literary activism ahead of UNLV’s upcoming forum

February 22nd, 2018

UNLV professors and authors Doug Unger and José Orduña will host the February 28 event.

  • Zines were what the blogosphere was to the early aughts—a real-life, pre-Internet era Tumblr.

  • Kevin MacKinnon plans to self-publish You’re My Human to help pets find forever homes.

  • "I was driving my car when she called. It was Oprah’s voice in surround sound."

  • In vitro fertilization, too, is federally banned, because an amendment outlaws the transfer of embryos from laboratory to uterus.

  • Michael Wolff makes a convincing case that the campaign that expected to lose gamely morphed into the administration that can’t run the empire.

  • Lincoln, Grant and Clinton make appearances.

  • The posthumous collection reflects a lifetime of the writer’s journalism, essays and profiles.

  • Attempting a modern sequel of a classic novel is a dicey affair.

  • He has in many ways become the country’s most recognized black writer, a latter-day James Baldwin.

  • Local authors make a strong showing this year.

  • She accepts at least some of the blame for her long campaign’s miserable death.

  • The producer and writer for Fox’s ‘Empire’ takes on issues of race, property and family in this melodic rural noir.

  • So what is the sound of silence, anyway?

  • The debut novel describes a young boy forced away from his family into a dangerous desert plain.

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