The new location will have a larger staff, a more versatile events space (with a baby grand piano) and possible outdoor seating. Plus, they’re adding coffee and pastries.

Downtown’s Writer’s Block Book Shop returns, bigger and better

April 11th, 2019

The new location will have a larger staff, a more versatile events space (with a baby grand piano) and possible outdoor seating. Plus, they’re adding coffee and pastries.

  • From memoir to biography to novels, your options are blooming.

  • The acclaimed comic and Seattle cabaret star join what's already a must-see literary, musical and cultural bill.

  • This literary, arts and music fest is bringing together not merely a who’s-who, but a who’s-what of cultural figures.

  • Here's a roundup of Las Vegas or Nevada-related books that you may have missed in 2018.

  • In her new chapbook, I Was the Girl With the Moon-Shaped Face, Cassera’s world is filled with desert imagery, youthful nostalgia and a relatable realm ...

  • Listen, discuss, workshop and, of course, buy books.

  • Two days after chef José Andrés released his book, We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time, ...

  • He’ll celebrate the release of Fire Escapes September 10 at the Bunkhouse.

  • “We’re trying to build the idea that this is another literary destination.”

  • More than 150 writers and artists explore themes, causes and responses to gun violence, with all proceeds benefiting the nonprofit Route 91 Strong.

  • New work from comedian Louie Anderson, poet Claudia Keelan and more.

  • It unfolds leisurely over just two days and four events—with no overlaps.

  • UNLV professors and authors Doug Unger and José Orduña will host the February 28 event.

  • Zines were what the blogosphere was to the early aughts—a real-life, pre-Internet era Tumblr.

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    William Karlsson sighs when asked the question he’s grown accustomed to getting—and tired of answering. Any updates on a long-term contract with the Golden Knights?

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    The party drew nearly 14,000 guests over the course of its 2018 season, and 2019 appears poised to be even bigger.

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    “People want to be entertained, but they can’t always go to the movies or Cirque. Wrestling it just another entertainment option here”

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    The logistics behind the stages are so in-depth, planning for EDC 2020 has already started.

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    It’s an elegant gem of a meeting space, where time slows down and the smallest luxuries can be appreciated.

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    A few May 12 suggestions, from Cleo to Masso Osteria.

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    The Waldorf Astoria, the Four Seasons and Rí Rá will treat her right.

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    “It’s a city for dreamers, you know. Anything you can dream up is possible here. That idea was concreted when I moved to Washington and ...