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Fine Art

  • Once the Neon Museum’s showing is done, she’ll be restored and re-situated atop a pole on a traffic island at Charleston and Fremont.

  • What kind of parameters should be set for the display of art in Clark County's public spaces? County commissioners considered new guidelines.

  • Local artists are flummoxed by the sudden, County-ordered closure of Cory McMahon’s experimental art show.

  • Sarah Arnold, Clarice Tara Cuda, Amanda Keating, Julie Meyers, Ty Suksangasophon and Nicole Weber focus on tactile properties of mostly unconventional media.

  • The fest kicks off Friday, May 11, and features a mix of local and out-of-state artists exhibiting their sex-tinged creations.

  • Part of the “plurality” of the show is its refusal to privilege one mode of artistic expression over another.

  • Behold the rare exhibit that will appeal to art lovers and loathers alike.

  • April brings a couple of very different exhibits to CSN's North Campus.

  • Artist and writer Adam Turl has seen the future—and it's drowning in climate change, sex robots and gold-painted cat leavings.

  • Yes, it’s on purpose. The misspelling in the exhibit’s name is a sly joke proving the show’s very point.

  • He moved to Las Vegas more than 30 years ago to design neon signs for YESCO, most famously the Buffalo Bill’s Casino sign in Primm.

  • The artist plays the nursemaid in Cirque du Soleil’s .

  • Donations are being accepted in any amount, with the minimum for an original 5x7 black and white sketch or cartoon set at $25.

  • Reminiscences includes images of couples in love, friends seeking love and others dressed as showgirls.

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