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We already have some of the world’s best Instagram backdrops. Adding more is like putting the proverbial hat on a hat.

Does Las Vegas really need to bring its visual charms down to selfie-stick level?

November 1st, 2018

We already have some of the world’s best Instagram backdrops. Adding more is like putting the proverbial hat on a hat.

  • The sensory maestro’s exhibit is remarkable not only for its ambitious range of work but also for its tight conceptual framework.

  • The results are eye-catching and purposeful—geometric watercolors juxtaposed against cut photographs that evoke a sense of longing and urgency.

  • Once again, the JustKids studio has curated a striking assortment of murals, with a few eye-popping standouts.

  • It’s not the craziest idea to visit the festival just to see the art, and this year there’s more of it than ever.

  • Like the other critters lurking among the 32 works, the pickled fish carry environmental messages.

  • She also sees Core Contemporary as an event space—hosting classes, lectures, artist talks and even the odd office holiday party.

  • She began by choosing materials that resolve the significant site-specific constraints of the Rotunda: the circular space, constant pedestrian traffic, unpredictable air currents, bright windows ...

  • The resulting art, though boldly minimal in comparison to his other insanely detailed paintings and murals, still looks like classic Misko.

  • Among the stunners are pieces transforming water’s fluid properties into intriguing static forms.

  • It’s tempting to shoot Vegas as a fantasyland; he shoots it as it is—bright, vast and in a constant state of making and undoing.

  • Once the Neon Museum’s showing is done, she’ll be restored and re-situated atop a pole on a traffic island at Charleston and Fremont.

  • What kind of parameters should be set for the display of art in Clark County's public spaces? County commissioners considered new guidelines.

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