Spice up St. Patrick’s Day with Irish-inspired cocktails

Remember to layer the Guinness on top of the Bass when making the Black & Tan.
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If you plan on partying at home this St. Patrick’s Day, know that your celebration doesn’t have to include green food coloring and a six-pack of light beer. These Irish-inspired libations are great ways to celebrate the night.

The Black & Tan

8 oz. Guinness Stout

8 oz. Bass Pale Ale

Method: Pour the Bass into a pint glass. Float the Guinness on top of the Bass by slowly pouring it into the pint over a spoon.

This Irish classic has become standard at beer bars across the country. The traditional preparation combines Guinness and Bass, though any pairing of pale ale with a stout or porter will do.

Irish Car Bomb

.75 oz. Jameson

.75 oz. Bailey’s Irish Crème

1 pint of Guinness Stout

Method: Pour Bailey’s into a shot glass leaving some room at the top. Float the Jameson on top of the Bailey’s by slowly pouring it over a spoon into the shot glass. Drop the shot glass of Jameson and Bailey’s into the pint of Guinness. Then, chug!

The “Irish” here comes from the ingredients. The “bomb” is derived from the method of consumption. And that “car?” This drink was named in reference to the The Troubles in Northern Ireland, which officially ended in 1998 with the Belfast “Good Friday” Agreement. Toast the end of the violent political struggle before imbibing this St. Patrick’s Day favorite. And that last direction above is no joke—the Bailey’s will curdle.

Irish Coffee*

1 cup freshly brewed hot coffee

1 tbsp. brown sugar

1.5 oz. Irish whiskey

Whipped cream

Method: Pour coffee into mug. Stir in brown sugar and Irish whiskey. Top with whipped cream.

This Irish original can be a great start or finish to your festive evening, whether

you’re out on the town or enjoying the warm, comforting beverage in the confines of your living room. Use the caffeine as a spark to start the night or snuggle up with a George Bernard Shaw classic. We suggest Pygmalion.

Irish Iced Tea**

1 oz. Boru citrus vodka

1 oz. Celtic Crossing liqueur

1 oz. Gosling’s Gold Rum

2 tbsp. fresh-squeezed lemon juice

2 tbsp. simple syrup

Splash of cola

Lime wedge, for garnish

Method: Pour all ingredients except cola and lime into an ice-filled glass. Add a splash of cola and garnish with lime.

The Long Island variety is a staple in American cocktail culture. Put a twist on the New York specialty and celebrate Ireland’s patron saint with one inspired by the Emerald Isle.

*Recipe by the Food Network, courtesy of Barman Dara Cruise, Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.

**Recipe by the Arizona Republic.


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