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Dream Zone: ‘a kitchen sink in the living room’

I was in my father’s apartment where I grew up. I saw a kitchen sink in the living room and thought that was odd. It was full of dirty dishes and water was filling the sink. I took out the drain basket to let the water out, but it would not drain. I told myself I have to talk to my father about getting a plumber to fix the sink.Marie 59, Wauconda, IL

Lauri: Are there any issues from your childhood that are clogging and dirtying up your otherwise clean psyche? Your father could also represent your ability to bring home the bacon and manage said bacon. Any money issues that you need to clear up? The sink is in the living room because your dream is showing you this is a daily issue you are “living” with and will continue to live with if you don’t clean up and unclog the issue. The ending of the dream is usually the most important part of the message, and I believe the message your dream is telling you is that a good conversation is to be had over this in order to fix it, whether it’s with your father, a money manager or with yourself ... it needs to happen.

Marie replies: My father is 87 and has turned all of his finances over to my sister. He has also given my sister everything he inherited from his sister that passed about 2 years ago. I DO have money concerns about this and it bothers me that he gave her his power of attorney. Supposedly I was listed as second, but I have never received copies of the documents. My sister claims to have them but does not give me a copy even though I have asked for them several times. I do need to have a face to face with her.


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