Tech/Style: Video clothing?

Imagine the possibilities

Scott Dickensheets

So far, the Video Vest developed by Wearable Video Inc., of Florida, has been used as a marketing thing—your street team straps ’em on and hits a trade show or crowd scene, beaming your message in full video and stereo sound. Viewers go, Hey, that looks totally futuristic; I should heed that message, or whatever. (See for yourself at

Right now it looks like a marketing device—clumsy, lacking style. But it’s only a matter of time before that technology jumps the curb into everyday clothing—sleeker, tailored-in. Imagine cycling your home videos or blaring YouTube on your Guess? Video Jeans as you hit Pure or Spago. You’re the vanguard now, baby! It will open up whole new avenues of personal expression and—the first time someone wears 1 Night in Paris in public—whole new vistas in First Amendment case law. Sounds exciting, frankly. “Fashion condemns us to many follies,” Napoleon cautioned, but this won’t be one of them—even he would walk tall in a hi-def Hugo Boss video suit, as long as it wasn’t streaming Waterloo.

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