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Resqwater’s healing elixir cures a case of the morning after

Fend off hangovers and muscle soreness.

The day after a night out just got a lot easier, thanks to Resqwater. We’ve all had those moments—the ones where you’re more than just a couple drinks in when you realize you have to be up in the morning. Before, you’d have to brave the day in pain, hangover in full effect. Not anymore.

“Resqwater Proactive Recovery is a great go-to during and after a long night on the Strip, because [it] helps you feel better after celebrating,” says Dillon Shoe, the drink’s marketing manager. “We have an amazing brand … made up of some of the best people in the industry.” Insight from the party-experienced explains why Resqwater’s elixir actually helps prevent and alleviate hangovers.

Made with good-for-you ingredients like water, B Vitamins and organic prickly-pear extract, Resqwater also includes N-Acetyl-Cysteine, which binds to toxic substances produced when your body breaks down alcohol. Milk thistle, another active ingredient, supports healthy liver function, while electrolytes protect against dehydration.

Resqwater isn’t relegated to the club. The recovery drink can also fend off muscle soreness after an intense workout, making it a great addition to your fitness routine.

Imagined by work hard/play hard business types, this 8-ounce bottle of magic is all about making sure your body is ready for tomorrow, no matter how hard you go the night before.

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