Chatting with Kat Von D

L.A. Ink‘s Kat Von D.
C. Moon Reed

Ever wonder why a gorgeous woman would tattoo stars on her face? Now you can discover the reason, along with the story behind every mark that adorns the body of celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. The star of TLC’s LA Ink tells all in her upcoming book, High Voltage Tattoo, a visually rich tome about the tattoo world through the eyes of its de facto ambassador. The Weekly caught up with her by phone from a book signing in San Francisco.

What’s your favorite part of your book?

Really excited about everybody reading their own acknowledgment. At the same time, it’s pretty trippy to see that I really didn’t have that many people. I don’t know, the show and everything else has dwindled a lot of friends down to the bare minimum, but the ones that I did thank were the important ones.

What do you think of the tattoo industry in Vegas?

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Kat Von D book release party at Tao
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Kat Von D book signing at Borders
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Kat Von D
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Some stuff is more gimmicky than others, but I know there are a few reputable shops out there. It’s kind of trippy, because Hollywood and Vegas share similar aspects—touristy, attraction-type stuff. You kinda have to weed out a lot of people—whether they’re drunk or whatever—making a bad mistake, and, you know, it makes it hard to balance a good, healthy tattoo environment.

What do you think about [tattoo shop] Vince Neil Ink on the Strip?

I think the setup is kind of crazy, because it feels like a fishbowl a little bit. But [he] says he’s going to definitely put some money and energy into it, and he’s going to do it right, so I don’t know.

L.A. Ink's Kat Von D.

Do you plan to get more tattoos?

Yeah, I’m going to continue getting tattoos until I have a body suit. You know, it’s a lifelong process. It’s probably going to take me a while. I think the next big project is probably going to be to finish up my whole back.

What will you tattoo on your back?

I think I want to get a mural of my favorite elements of LA—everything from hot girls to gangster shit to low-rider cars.


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