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What to read, watch and listen to this week

Illustration: Wes Gatbonton


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World What if an action movie was a romantic comedy? Thanks to Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, now we know. Now playing citywide.

Lie to Me The small screen can barely contain Tim Roth as a smartass, manipulative psychologist whose specialty is, of course, lying. Currently airing on Fox; catch up on previous episodes on Hulu.

Children’s Hospital Rob Corddry’s web-to-TV doctor-show parody is spot-on in its takedown of self-serious medical dramas. Currently airing on Adult Swim.


Wolfmother Sand. Lawn chairs. Zeppelin-worshipping Australians wielding instruments. Need we say more? Yes? Okay, they will likely be selling T-shirts with giant, hovering eggs on them. Got your attention now, don’t we? August 20, Hard Rock Pool, $25-$27.50.

Doug Stanhope If there are boundaries in stand-up comedy, Stanhope took a battering ram to them long ago. Even hardened comedy veterans better beware; Stanhope is savagely funny, accent on savage. August 20, Club Madrid at Sunset Station, 547-5300.


Seven Pleasures At a time when it’s easy to be consumed by the insane macro world, this book—subtitled “Essays on Ordinary Pleasures”—reminds us of the soothing quality of such everyday activities as dancing and swimming. By Willard Spiegelman. $14.


wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulate_(song) Think you know Nate Dogg and Warren G’s 1994 hip-hop classic “Regulate”? Think again. The song’s dedicated Wikipedia page provides a complete synopsis of the lyrics written the way a WASPy grandma would translate them. It’s best read aloud to an audience of friends.


Woody Allen Everyone complains that Woody Allen did his best work in the ’70s and ’80s. Well, stop complaining: Allen just turned his old essay collections (Getting Even, Without Feathers and Side Effects) into audio books. Pick them up on Audible.com.


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