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Le Reve’ from below

New package gets divers down for a closer look

Wet dream: A member of the Le Reve crew watches from below. For a price, you could be swimming next to him.
Photo: Sam Morris

Le Reve: Diving the Dream

Behind the Scenes at 'Le Reve'

A dozen perfectly toned legs extend from the water and kick in unison. The ruby red shoes at the ends of those sculpted gams catch the light and sparkle. Water splashes dramatically. As the orchestra’s speed quickens, so do the legs, the sparkle and the splash. The audience at Le Rêve is captivated—enjoying this 90-minute barrage of beauty, which includes dancing, aerials stunts and a stage that turns a kiddie pool into a seemingly bottomless pit before most people even notice it’s happening. At some point, even the most focused spectator must wonder: How do they do that?

Figuring it out isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. This isn’t a magic show with coveted secrets you’re expected to protect. For a price, Wynn Las Vegas will gladly give you access behind—or actually, beneath—the scenes. This summer, the resort unveiled its Diver’s Dream Package, which offers the chance to view a live performance of Le Rêve first from a traditional seat and then while fully submerged (yes, scuba certification is required; no, you don’t need your own wetsuit or oxygen tank). The appeal? A glimpse into the niche world of entertainment diving, courtesy of the show’s 14 professional divers, 90 cast members, 400 verbal cues, 1.1 million gallons of water, fancy underwater sound system and special effects.

The package, which also includes a private backstage tour and two-night stay at the hotel, is priced at $2,000 for one person or $3,000 for two. So far, one Chicago couple has splurged.

As to whether the show loses any luster after you’ve seen the underside of those extended legs—extremely focused women with oxygen tanks—aquatics supervisor Rick Woolworth doesn’t sound concerned. “I think seeing [behind the scenes] helps you accept it more,” Woolworth says. “It’s like you’re part of the show.”


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