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Las Vegas celebrities share their resolutions for 2010

Penn Jillette and Carrot Top both have big plans for the coming year.

January 1. The day each year when we take stock and look ahead, promising to be better versions of ourselves in the months to come. Most of those promises don't last until February, let alone next New Year's Day, but each year we go through the motions again, picking some small crack in our personalities, routines or physiques to smooth over and refinish. This year, we asked notable Las Vegans whose names grace Strip marquees and faces grace local stages to reveal their resolutions for 2010. From eating more ice cream to watching less Jersey Shore, here's what they had to say:

Penn Jillette of the comedy/magic team Penn & Teller

Jillette, the larger, louder half of Penn & Teller, may have the most impossible resolution for 2010.

"My resolution for the past few years has been to not die while Teller and I shoot .357 magnums into each other's mouths. That seems to be working,” Jillette said. “So this year, I resolve to vanish a cow dressed as an elephant surrounded by audience members live on stage at the Penn & Teller theater.”

Penn said if he can’t accomplish that, maybe he’ll try to lose a few pounds, exercise more and be nice to people.

George Wallace at the premiere of <em>Smokey Robinson Presents: Human Nature</em> at the Imperial Palace.

George Wallace at the premiere of Smokey Robinson Presents: Human Nature at the Imperial Palace.

Comedian George Wallace

Wallace’s resolution isn’t to lose weight. It’s actually quite the opposite.

"Eat Haagen Daz ice cream every day. Eat a pound of bacon every day. By this time next year, I want to be 465 pounds and the fattest entertainer on the Strip!" Wallace joked.

His other resolution is to visit a brother in Pahrump right after church on Sunday, Wallace said.

Jerry Tarkanian, former UNLV men’s basketball coach

Tarkanian said he stopped making New Year’s resolutions.

"I'm too old for resolutions," he jokingly said.

As for what his plans were for the big night, Tarkanian said he usually prefers to stay close to home.

"I'm to the point now where I am in bed at 10 o'clock watching the news,” Tarkanian said.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top, always the comedian, poked fun at New Year’s resolutions.

“My resolution is to be a better listener…wait…did you just say something?” he joked.

Comedian Frank Caliendo

Caliendo’s resolution is take time to appreciate the little things, spend more time with family and one very ambitious goal.

“In 2010, I'd like to spend more time appreciating what I'm lucky enough to have and spend less time worrying about things I can't control,” Caliendo said. “And I'd also like to learn to speak Chinese. Why Chinese? Why not!”

Lance Burton.

Lance Burton.

Magician Lance Burton

Burton said his resolution is to continue to stay out of trouble.

“I resolve not to do anything this year that would qualify me to be on The Jerry Springer Show, he said.

Alton White, Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King

White said he hopes to find some inner peace while staying physically fit in the new year.

“One of the greatest gifts of 2009 was my discovery of the power of Moksha Yoga, which I take 3-5 times a week. My hope for 2010 is to continue to strengthen my Yoga practice, hold onto the presence and serenity that it gives me and apply that energy to every aspect of my life,” White said.

Palms mogul George Maloof and Lady Gaga at the Palms on Dec. 18, 2009.

Palms mogul George Maloof and Lady Gaga at the Palms on Dec. 18, 2009.

Palms owner George Maloof

Maloof’s first resolution for 2010 is one that most make: Workout more. His second is a little less traditional.

“To try and not get addicted to watching “The Situation” on MTV’s Jersey Shore,” he joked.

Celebrity impersonator Frank Marino

Marino’s resolution is a professional one, not a personal one.

“To become so fabulous this year with my new Divas Las Vegas show at the Imperial Palace that next year I won’t need to have a New Year’s resolution,” Marino said.

Anthony Crivello, The Phantom in PHANTOM--The Las Vegas Spectacular

Like Penn Jillette, Crivello also has a pretty impossible resolution.

“I resolve to petition the Pope to talk to God and ask “The Almighty” to add six more hours to each day, so I can get more sleep... as my three year old son wakes me up at 6:30 AM every morning,” Crivello said.

But Crivello said with his personality, he’d wind up planning another project so he’ll try to be thankful for the 24 hours he already has.

Kristi Holden, Christine Daaé in PHANTOM--The Las Vegas Spectacular

Holden said she has a whole slew of New Year’s resolutions.

“I hope to be more organized eliminating clutter in my life,” Holden said. “Spend less time on crackbook, I mean Facebook, and drink more herbal tea and less coffee. All which will be broken in the first two weeks, but there's always next year!”

<em>Dancing With the Stars'</em> Kym Johnson, center, with <em>Jersey Boys</em> cast members Deven May, Jeff Leibow, Drew Gehling and Travis Cloer at the Palazzo.

Dancing With the Stars' Kym Johnson, center, with Jersey Boys cast members Deven May, Jeff Leibow, Drew Gehling and Travis Cloer at the Palazzo.

Travis Cloer, Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys

"In 2010 I plan to focus more on the blessings in my life and not stress so much about things I have no control over...or at least give it my best shot. Here's to another great year Las Vegas!"

Magician Nathan Burton

Burton said his resolution is to put all his traveling from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to good use. Burton just signed a deal with Harrah’s Atlantic City to perform every other weekend beginning this month.

"My New Years resolution is to rack up a million frequent flyer miles flying from Vegas to Atlantic City to perform every other week” Burton said. “Then to use those miles to send my mom and sister on a trip to Fiji!"

Entertainer Terry Fator

Fator said his resolution is more than just a promise to himself; it’s something he has to do.

“I am going to lose 15 pounds by my first anniversary at the Mirage, which is March 14,” Burton said.

“My goal is to get down to my original weight…7 pounds, 8 ounces,” he joked.

Pete Valle, “Big Elvis” at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall

Valle is looking to set yet another record weight loss goal for himself for the new year.

"My New Year's resolution is to lose another 100 lbs. in 2010,” Valle said.

The Elvis impersonator has already lost more than 500 lbs.

Taylor Barton, NASCAR driver

Barton said he has a few resolutions on his list for the new year.

"To listen more and talk less. Spend more time with my family,” Barton said. “Be in the present moment, and go racing!"

Young blue eyes--Matt Goss debuts "Lovely Las Vegas," the new theme song for Fox 5's MORE show.

Entertainer Matt Goss

Goss said his New Year’s resolution is to live in the present and only look forward.

Rick Harrison, Star of The History Channel's Pawn Stars

Harrison’s resolution is to be a little less accident-prone this year.

"Not to get in anymore dirt bike accidents,” Harrison said of his resolution.

Harrison is currently suffering for his second torn ACL.

DJ Paul Oakenfold

Oakenfold’s resolution is to make others aware of causes that are important to him.

"To buy copies of the film Food Inc. and give it to people everywhere so the can be socially aware of the devastating truths behind the food industry,” Oakenfold said.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger

Roger has safety on his mind for 2010.

“My resolution is to continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to provide a safe community for our families, friends and visitors,” he said.

Roger, a Bishop Gorman High School and UNLV graduate, was first elected in 2002, then re-elected four years later.

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