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Ben Stiller stars in Greenberg


Greenberg Noah Baumbach’s bitterly funny character study is one of the year’s best films, and proves that Ben Stiller can still give a performances that isn’t just about mugging and catchphrases. Now available on DVD.

Warehouse 13 For our money, this is what Fringe should have been—over the top and cheesy, without taking itself too seriously. And who doesn’t know someone they’d like to send to a place called the Bronze Sector? Season 2’s third episode airs July 20; catch up on previous episodes at Hulu.


The Dig A test of a good CD: when you can listen to it repeatedly on a road trip without tossing it out the window. Deanna Rilling made it to LA and back with Electric Toys, this NYC band’s first full-length. Intricate layers pair with simple moments for an all-around solid rock album. Dig it. The Dig opens for Thrice July 18 at House of Blues, $17-$21.


Jeff McBride’s Wonderground A mixed bag of magical mystifiers migrates to the Olive Hookah Bar every third Thursday of the month. The July 15 roster includes fire-eater Tim Wise, optical illusionist Bizzaro, and the Weekly’s own Rick Lax. 3850 E. Sunset Road, doors at 8 p.m., two-drink minimum.

Emergency Arts grand opening An independently owned coffee shop Downtown is enough to have longtime locals drooling. Surround it with galleries, studios, the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum and albums for sale (yes, vinyl!), and you’ve got a gift from the gods. July 16, 6-9 p.m., 520 Fremont St., 686-3164.


Peopleofwalmart.com A compilation of Walmart shoppers unknowingly photographed in all their unbridled glory: Deep butt cracks, explosive muffin tops, tugging goats on leashes, sleeping in aisles, squeezed into very small clothes and more. Hilarious.


Black Crowes tickets The band promises “a lengthy hiatus” following this tour. Will it be their last? Probably not. But if you’re a big fan of the Crowes, why take the chance, right? On sale at noon, July 17, $35.50-$61.


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