Dream Zone: ‘Cheryl Burke was performing’

I had a dream last night that Cheryl Burke (from Dancing With the Stars) was performing her freestyle in the finals with an unknown handsome man and the audience was screaming “BOOOOOO” because the dance was really slow.Tina 34, Pittsburgh, PA

Lauri: This dream is not really about Cheryl Burke, but rather about what she is best known for, dancing. Are you dancing around an issue that needs to be addressed? Is there something you are dealing with that was once working in harmony and rhythm with your life but is now a bit of a problem? The booing is connected to something that YOU disapprove of. And the fact that the dancing was going so slow suggests that you feel this issue is taking its sweet time to resolve itself. Whatever it is, you are going to have to work harder or change tactics in order to correct it. We want to be applauded in our dreams, not booed, as that suggests our inner mind is none too happy with how we are performing in waking life.

Tina replies: I’m really unhappy with the intimate side of my marriage right now, yet I have no idea how to talk to my husband about that problem. He isn’t showing much interest lately. I’ve always had more drive than him but this is the worst I’ve seen it. I already told him about the dream this morning (Cheryl is his favorite pro), but I think I’ll tell him again and I’ll have to try to lead into “so this is what my dream means,” and see how that goes. Thanks!


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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