Checklist: Claire Sinclair

Claire Sinclair at the Bettie Page Clothing Booth at MAGIC at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Feb. 14, 2011.
Photo: Erik Kabik/Retna/ErikKabik.com

The Playboy playmate and Bettie Page spokeswoman returns to Las Vegas to guest star in Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand, April 20-27.

Favorite number in Crazy Horse: “Champagne Taste.” The woman who played Catwoman (Eartha Kitt) in the '60s does the soundtrack. She has the most interesting voice. It’s the only humorous number in the piece.

Favorite Vegas hangout: Holly (Madison) brought me to Peppermill. It’s like a 1970s porno in there. I only went there once but I’d love to go back.

A great place to shop: Calo (1441 S. Las Vegas Blvd) is where I buy all my clothes that aren’t from the Bettie Page store. They have great vintage clothes.

Currently reading: I’m reading Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (by David Sedaris). I’m also reading Chelsea Handler’s books.

TV show I’d love to be on: I want to either do The Apprentice or Dancing with the Stars. I watch them both and they look so fun. The Apprentice is really creative and I think I would do well. Then, DWTS, getting in shape would be nice.

Great piece of advice: (Burlesque legend) Tempest Storm once told me, “The second you stop getting stage fright, you should throw in the towel.” I think everyone needs to feel anxious before they do on stage. It helps your performance.

Weird phobia: I hate mustard. Whenever I’m at a restaurant and it’s on the table I need to get it away from me. I can’t stand eating when I can smell it.

Strangest fear: I have a fear of seeing the Statue of Liberty underwater. I freak out. She’s very old; she’s been decaying. I start to think about her degrading and those particles coming off and getting on me. Ahhh. I havbe to avoid end-of-the-world movies.

Your favorite movies: Harold & Maude. The Graduate. I love watching movies that aren’t current. Movies are time capsules. You get to see what kind of make-up and clothing they wore.

Favorite item of clothing from Bettie Page store: My favorite is called Ciara in red. It’s very cute late '40s style dress with little flowers on it. The designer is Tatiana. She’s amazing. She makes perfect replicas of what you’d see in the 40s.

Year you’d like to travel to: 1964. I’m already so immersed in the '50s and that rockabilly culture. That seems to be where people who are into vintage things focus, especially in Vegas. I feel like I haven’t gotten enough 60s in my life yet, but I’m very interested. I love the big bouffant hairstyles, dresses. I feel like I would fit in.


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