Dream Zone: ‘I told her she was breaking my heart’

My mother, who died 20 months ago, and I were in her kitchen. I told her I was sick and asked if I could stay with her. She told me no. I told her she was breaking my heart and she said nothing.Lori, Syracuse, NY

Lauri: Since your mother passed fairly recently, this dream could be connected to your inner desire to be with her again. However, your mother may very well represent your ability to care for and nurture yourself, as well as your ability to “mother” and nurture others. You tell her you are sick and want to stay with her. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is something physically wrong with you. What that is more likely connected to is something in your life that you feel sick about or an unhealthy situation or relationship in your life that needs to be healed or nurtured. She tells you “no” because there is something you are resisting in waking life. You then mention that your heart is breaking. Besides your mother’s loss, have you suffered heartbreak over anything? Her not answering you suggests there may be a communication breakdown somewhere in your life. Is there anyone around you who is no longer speaking to you?

Lori replies: WOW! When I read your email all I could do was cry. I let a friend of mine read it and her response was ‘’she is really, really good.” I can’t believe all of that came out of my dream. This has been a real eye-opener for me. The communication breakdown is that I no longer speak to my siblings. I now need to make some changes in my life. I can’t thank you enough. This has meant a great deal to me.


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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