The Killers

My list: Weekly designer Corlene Byrd digs through the Killers catalog

She’s contributed, musically, to three of the band’s albums. Here are her thoughts on a few cuts

Corlene Byrd

“Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf” (Sawdust) I never imagined this would be available for the world to hear … which is why I took the liberty of “messing with” the recording after they left that day.

“Move Away” (Sawdust) This one makes me feel like doing le parkour ... not that I can.

“Runaways” (Battle Born) I have a crush on the sound of new beginnings.

“Everything Will Be Alright” (Hot Fuss) Dave recorded that guitar solo on a lunch break from Banana Republic.

“Sweet Talk” (Sawdust) I can’t listen to this song loud enough. Sawdust is full of gems. It’s my favorite CD of theirs.

“Losing Touch” (Day & Age) [Soundman] Matt Breunig told me listing this one would make Brandon happy. On Day & Age, it’s a toss-up between this and This Is Your Life.

“Where the White Boys Dance” (Sawdust) I like his voice on this one. It reminds me of what he sounded like when he was just writing and coming up with things.

“Show You How” (Sawdust) That’s my answering machine. It wasn’t staged. I answered my phone, and Brandon told me I shouldn’t have, because he had an idea and needed to record it.

“Why Do I Keep Counting?” (Sam’s Town) I managed to include myself on this demo and was invited to the Palms during the tracking for the album, and I got to work with Flood. My hero.


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