A glimpse of Magic from the fashion convention floor

Magic Market Week returned to Las Vegas on Monday, bringing with it the most innovative labels and designers from around the world to "shop the floor" of burgeoning fashion vendors. We perused the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Day 2 to scope out Magic's trendsetting brands and its most eye-catching attendees.

    • Aliign Movement

      Jazmine Yurtin, Orange County

      Her style: “Goes by my mood. It’s usually out there.”

      The brand: One glimpse at Aliign’s vibrant, mystical booth says it all … kind of. The “movement” combines fashion, beauty and lifestyle into a colorful and inspiring package, leaving the brand’s mantra open to interpretation.

    • YRU

      Jacky Velasquez, Los Angeles

      Her style: “It’s a mixture of the past and the future.”

      The brand: Remember Moon Shoes? YRU’s ‘90s-inspired kicks rock platform creepers as high as the hazardous trampoline shoes—sans the safety warning. The goth-pop brand boasts a variety of five-inch-tall creepers, sneakers and neon plastic sandals that will set you back anywhere between $60 to $140 a pop. Skip-It not included.

    • Mookee By Yuske

      Victor Barco and Mike De Vera, Los Angeles

      Their style: “New and fresh. We’re street inspired.”

      The brand: Mookee’s funky, high-end street apparel would grace the racks of Las Vegas’ Fruition boutique perfectly. Tees and pants are mash-ups of vintage and modern urban sportswear that make for a unique, contemporary fit.

    • Wasteland

      Cory Madley, Los Angeles

      Her style: “A mix of romance and edge.”

      The brand: Quite possibly Los Angeles’ most popular thrift store, be prepared to spend—at bare minimum—a few hours inside the Amoeba Records of secondhand clothing. Not only does Wasteland do vintage and designer resale, they also stock trendy brands like Motel, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Super.

    • Misile.

      Rhonda Puccini, New York City

      Her style: “I like a bit of a tough look, but still a little bit of sex appeal.”

      The brand: Head designer Rhonda Puccini wanted to incorporate the ‘90s grunge scene with something wearable and versatile for her independent label. The outcome is a punk-meets-high-end feel that features asymmetrical flannel dresses, breezy blouses and flirty, nylon-lace skirts.

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