Cones of Fury has seriously talented horn players bringing the brass

Sam Pilafian and JD Shaw will show you sides of the tuba and French horn you didn’t know existed at Cones of Fury at the Smith Center this weekend.

The fast and the fury-ish We have Balls of Fury, the 2007 Christopher Walken film about ping-pong. There’s Trails of Fury, the annual desert race in the Cottonwood Valley, and Pixels of Fury, Shutterstock’s series of quick-and-dirty design contests. So why not Cones of Fury? We’re not talking about that infamous Madonna bra or some ice-cream social. We’re talking about seriously talented band nerds bringing the brass! Those nerds are skilled musicians Sam Pilafian and JD Shaw, respective maestros of tuba and French horn with chops from Empire Brass and Boston Brass. If you’re thinking you’ve never seen such an act, you’re probably right. The duo is glorifying instruments that don’t normally get the limelight, and they’re putting genres in a blender—jazz to classical to the tunes that make you wish you had tiny maracas in your pocket. And that’s not all! The fury comes not just from the “cones,” but also from the witty back-and-forth between the musicians. They may not have Walken, but they have our attention.

Cones of Fury June 25, 7 p.m., $18. Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz, 749-2012.


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