Electric Daisy Carnival 2013

The best moments, DJ sets, costumes and more from EDC Night 1

Fireworks light up the sky during the first night of the Electric Daisy Carnival Friday, June 21, 2013 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Photo: Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun
Jorge Labrador

Best Moment: Seeing the fireworks show for the first time from the Discovery Project stage at around midnight. With a perfect view of the Ferris wheel right below the fireworks, just standing there in awe with a few dozen other people.  So, that's what PLUR feels like.

Say What?: "Where all my weed smokers at? Make some noise!" — Discovery Project stage performer DJ PsoGnar. Oh, they made noise alright. And odor.

Favorite Stage: At the Discovery Project, you're close to food, you're trying out new music, and the crowd, while smaller than at other stages, was really into the music. It was also prime real estate for watching the fireworks and roving performers.

Overheard: "F***ing bros, man. [EDC is] supposed to be about enjoying the music." — Probably said in regards to bros enjoying the music. Also spotted, a "Bros Ruined Dubstep" t-shirt. Bro is the new hipster, a vaguely-defined boogeyman ruining music, cheap beer and society for all.

Creepiest Roving Performer: The giant tongue thing somewhat shaped like a T-Rex, chasing people around. Thanks for the nightmares, anonymous performer. Thanks a lot.

Best Costume: One group came dressed as various Eevee from the original Pokémon. If you grew up with a Game Boy in your pocket for the better part of the ‘90s, you know that's awesome.

Best Set: Armin Van Buuren. It's almost too easy to pick the big-name headliner playing at the festival's biggest stage, but the crowd's massive size and energy, along with the stage's perfect visual effects and Van Buuren's new material just made for a sweet series of moments you'd never replicate at a nightclub.

Logistics: What traffic? Downtown Henderson to Las Vegas Motor Speedway—driving neither fast nor furious—in about half an hour? Sure, that was leaving at about 9 p.m., and fine, I guess everyone looking to get there for the early performances did encounter a few bottlenecks along Las Vegas Boulevard, Nellis Boulevard and I-15. But if you're in for the late shows, don't fret. It's gonna be a helluva walk from the parking lot, though.


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