AVN virgins: First-time exhibitors at the annual AEE porn convention

The crowd at the Joint during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014.
Photo: L.E. Baskow

The annual Adult Entertainment Expo is the largest porn convention in the country, offering companies with up-and-coming products exposure to more than 25,000 industry professionals and curious consumers.

While the show brought the usual suspects of porn production companies and adult novelty wholesalers, we sought out newcomers to the convention floor. These six companies all popped their AEE cherries this weekend, exhibiting their unique niche products to retailers and potential customers.

2014 AVN and Adult Entertainment Expo

My Private Pillow

Don’t want the kids to stumble upon mom and dad’s naughty toy box? Enter My Private Pillow. The standard bed headrest features a hidden pocket that snaps shut, easily allowing one to discreetly stash their adult toys away from prying eyes. myprivatepillow.com.


The Heeldo is a strap-on harness for your foot, leaving the user’s hands free to ... well, use your imagination. heeldo.com.

Xero Lube

Another company capitalizing on a hands-free-type product, Xero Lube claims to be “the world’s only mess-free lubrication.” Users insert an item (think toys) in a plastic ring attached to the cap of Xero Lube’s bottle, allowing them to spread the stuff without getting any on their hands. xerolube.net.

Vegas Strips

Don’t let the name confuse you—this Tempe-based company sells an all-natural male performance enhancement in the form of a thin, dissolving, peppermint strip. It’s like Listerine PoketPaks and Viagra got married and had a baby! tryvegasstrips.com.

MaXimum Chocolate Las Vegas

One of the few local booths exhibiting at AEE, MaXimum makes novelty chocolates perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Longtime pastry chef Cory Fields saw an opportunity to offer consumers funny edibles with a good flavor profile, like the “Hot P*ssy,” chocolate infused with cayenne pepper. maximumchocolate.com.

Desert Harvest

While many personal lubricants are water- or oil-based and contain and often contain artificial ingredients, Desert Harvest offers a lube that’s 100 percent natural. The lube is aloe-vera based and has no parabens, chemical additives, carrageenan or synthetic preservatives. desertharvest.com.

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