McCarran unveils new security line videos — bring the popcorn

Carrot Top and several other Las Vegas entertainers are featured in a new series of videos that began airing this week at McCarran International Airport. Carrot Top’s message? No joking at the checkpoint, guys.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Carrot Top TSA video at McCarran - from YouTube.com

How many times have you been stuck behind someone at McCarran International Airport who just doesn’t understand the process? You know, the guy who waits until the last minute to begin taking off his shoes, getting out his laptop, his drivers’ license … Annoying, right?

Murray Sawchuck TSA video at McCarran - from YouTube.com

Well, Las Vegas’ entertainment community has your back. This week, McCarran began showing a series of eight new videos, featuring entertainers such as Louie Anderson, George Wallace, Carrot Top, Blue Man Group and Murray Sawchuck are putting on a show to both get everyone’s attention and teach them a little something in an attempt to speed up the airport process. Yes, there are new videos in the security line. Brace yourself.

Terry Fator TSA video at McCarran - from YouTube.com

In a press release, Michael Bennett, the airport’s Assistant Director of Security, said the Traveler Information Pre-Screening Series (TIPS) videos, which were introduced in 2004, had to be updated because of changes in the airport’s security practices, but showing current(ish) performers also reminds people of the acts they can catch on their next trip, instead of evoking shows or attractions that have been dark for years (we're looking at you, Klingons). The eight new videos cover everything from basic behavior (no joking at the checkpoint) to screening process (removing all shoes, coats and outer clothing for placement on the screening belt). And what better to get your attention than the Blue Man Group curiously looking at the TSA staff?

So remember, next time you get through the lines and security checkpoints quickly … you might want to thank Terry Fator.

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