Five thoughts: Tracy Morgan at the Mirage (May 6)

Tracy Morgan
Paul Mobley
Jason Harris

1. Less than two minutes into his set, the audience collectively exhaled as Morgan made light of his horrific accident. “Everybody know I got hit by the f*cking Walmart truck. Could have been worse. Could have been hit by some dirty ass furniture truck. Driven by a dude named Rico. No license, no insurance, no registration ... I didn’t give a f*ck. When I was in that wheelchair, I still shopped at Walmart. You still can’t beat their prices. After my settlement everything went up a penny.”

2. Morgan, as jovial as ever, sat for most of his set and had two sheets full of notes. When he was done with the first one, he threw it to the ground and declared, “I think everything worked on this page.” The audience applauded this triumph.

3. The accident provided the set’s framework, with the former 30 Rock star creatively referencing it to both segue into jokes and surprise the crowd, as evidenced by his funnier-than-most Caitlyn Jenner crack, “I’d f*ck the sh*t out of Caitlyn. She look like a hot MILF to me. You know what they say. If it look like a duck and quack like a duck, that duck gonna get f*cked like it got hit by a f*cking garbage truck.”

4. At age 47, Morgan gets away with so much partly because of his raw honesty. “I was f*cked up. The doctors looked at my wife and said, ‘Mrs. Morgan, that’s the brain trauma.’ My wife looked up and said, ‘Nah. That ni**a always been crazy. I was hoping the accident was gonna fix his crazy brain. Like a broken TV where you slap it on the side.’”

5. While his act is probably a year away from being polished, having Tracy Morgan back onstage giving love and receiving it back is a win not just for the comedian, but for comedy, period.

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