Pincushion is the Downtown craft clubhouse of our dreams

Pincushion owner Abby Stroot
Photo: Wade Vandervort

Pincushion is a friendly little hangout in the Arts District. But instead of slinging beers or brewing coffee, the denizens of Pincushion are stitching, cutting and crafting. This not-so-secret clubhouse and all-things-sewing shop celebrated its first anniversary in March, but if haven’t heard of it, don’t feel bad. Pincushion doesn’t advertise, instead spending its money on quietly building a creative community.

The shop makes its bread and butter on alterations and custom orders, but it also offers sewing classes and rentable workspace. At the front is an adorable shopping area, with a mix of fabrics, notions and local crafts for sale. One shelf features an array of handmade and elaborately decorated pincushions by local creative Carole Sidlow of the Ribbon Store.

“Right now, we’re in a very DIY time period,” owner Abby Stroot says. “Everybody’s interested in doing Pinterest things and learning new hobbies. I wanted Pincushion to be a space that promotes that.”

With a background in theatrical costume design, Stroot works with both Cirque du Soleil and community theater companies. She noticed one constant among Vegas’ diverse array of creatives: Everybody’s working on a side project, and they often need a place to spread out. For Stroot, that served as a revelation.

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a creative coworking space, somewhere where you just come in by the hour, work with other people or whatever you want to do?” she thought. She set out to provide “a great central location for people,” and it “just kind of blossomed from there.”

Stroot enjoys sharing her passion with others. “I love seeing people get excited about making their own things,” she says. As such, her dream is to really expand the classes and the social aspect of Pincushion. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know our customers. … I like the community that’s starting to grow around this business.”

Upcoming and recent classes range from the practical (DIY Alterations & Repairs) and whimsical (Creating Your Own Cosplay Costume) to the fashionable (Techniques of Costume & Fashion Design) and artsy (Silk Painting). They’re open to all skill levels and big on friendly, one-on-one instruction. The Pattern of the Month Club allows participants to work on an indie pattern hand-selected by Stroot; its participants come away with a wearable garment perfectly tailored to the maker.

One recent Friday afternoon found sewing student Lauren Cecil-Fischer learning to sew darts for a pair of suit pants she was making. For her, the suit project is both a fun learning experience and a useful skill. “Suits don’t fit me; I’m a woman, and they’re made for men. So I have to [buy] a larger suit and bring it somewhere like Abby’s shop and have them fit it to me,” Cecil-Fischer says. “Now I’ll have the skills to be able to do it [myself].”

PINCUSHION 4 E. Charleston Blvd., 702-522-9551. Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sunday by appointment.

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