Spoofing Twilight

The Hindi sisters’ new Twilight parody might not revolve around Johnny Depp, but audiences are still eating it up.
Sabrina Golmassian

Spoofing 'Twilight' - from YouTube.com

When the Weekly first covered The Hillywood Show last July, the homespun webisode series created by Hannah and Hillary Hindi of Henderson had a modest network of 30,000 fans. Now, the Hindi sisters have topped themselves with a Twilight parody that earned more than 250,000 hits in its first week. “We’ve worked so hard for this,” Hannah says.

Moving away from the Hindis’ usual subjects (Johnny Depp characters and a time-traveling DeLorean), the Twilight parody—created and produced by the sisters—features costume design by the sisters’ grandmother, and High School Musical-style dance moves set to a remix of the Katy Perry song “Hot N Cold.”


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