Game of Thrones’ Season 3 characters we can’t wait to see

It’s nice to see the return of Diana Rigg, and it’s even nicer to see her on Game of Thrones.

George R.R. Martin’s novels, on which the Game of Thrones series is based, are dense, with literally hundreds of characters spread over five books. Obviously, HBO’s version can’t incorporate all of them for its hit series, but it appears some wise choices have been made in that area for Season 3. Here are some of the players, and their characters, who have us excited about March 31 and beyond.

Mance Rayder (played by Ciarán Hinds) The King Beyond the Wall was once a member of the Night’s Watch and now leads the wildlings in their quest to take over the Seven Kingdoms. He’s a complex, nuanced character and a fearsome commander, but can he and his army stand up to Jon Snow and the Wall?

Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) The leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners is one of the series’ more mysterious—and frightening—characters. Rule of thumb: Do not get into a sword fight with this guy.

Olenna Redwyne Tyrell (Diana Rigg) We’re not sure what excites us more: seeing the scheming, whip-smart grandmother of Margaery Tyrell brought to life or the return to the screen of the amazing Rigg.

Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) The leader of an army called the Unsullied, who are “purchased” by Daenerys Targaryen. Basically, these guys are kamikazes on steroids.

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