The Weekly quiz: Put your Coen brothers expertise to the ultimate test


Sixteenth Coen brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis finally lands in Las Vegas theaters this weekend. How well do you know the other 15? Note your answers as you go—the final slide will reveal the answers ... and your level of dedication.

    • 1. Which Coen brothers film ranks first in worldwide gross? (1 point)

      a. Fargo

      b. No Country for Old Men

      c. True Grit

      d. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

      e. The Big Lebowski

    • 2. Coen brothers films have not won which one of the following Academy Awards? (1 point)

      a. Best Actor

      b. Best Actress

      c. Best Picture

      d. Best Original Screenplay

      e. Best Supporting Actor

    • 3. Match these Coen brothers characters to their films. (1 point each)

      a. Sy Ableman

      b. Osborne Cox

      c. Rex Rexroth

      d. Freddy Riedenschneider

      e. Arthur Digby Sellers

    • 4. Which of these actors has not appeared in a Coen brothers movie? (1 point)

      a. Tara Reid

      b. Marlon Wayans

      c. Parker Posey

      d. Scarlett Johansson

      e. Paul Newman

    • 5. Which of these Coen brothers films features the fewest deaths? (1 point)

      a. Miller’s Crossing

      b. Blood Simple

      c. No Country for Old Men

      d. Fargo

      e. True Grit

    • 6. For which of these films did Joel Coen receive an acting credit? (1 point)

      a. Spies Like Us

      b. Beverly Hills Cop

      c. Kiss of the Spider Woman

      d. Raising Arizona

      e. Gymkata

    • 7. Match these Coen brothers lines to their films. (1 point each)

      a. “I thought you might be worried … about the security … of your sh*t.”

      b. “Always put one in the brain.”

      c. “Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!”

      d. “Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here.”

      e. “What business is it of yours where I’m from, friendo?”

    • 8. Which of these actors has not appeared in at least five Coen brothers films? (1 point)

      a. John Goodman

      b. Frances McDormand

      c. Jon Polito

      d. John Turturro

      e. Steve Buscemi

    • Answers:

      1. c ($252 million).

      2. b.

      3. a-A Serious Man, b-Burn After Reading, c-Intolerable Cruelty, d-The Man Who Wasn’t There, e-The Big Lebowski.

      4. c.

      5. b (three).

      6. a.

      7. a-Burn After Reading, b-Miller’s Crossing, c-O Brother, Where Art Thou?, d-The Big Lebowski, e-No Country for Old Men.

      8. d (four).

      Calculate your score

      0-5: A man (or woman) who wasn’t there

      6-10: A ladykiller

      11-15: A serious man (or woman)

      16: The dude

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