Call it a ‘Comeback’: Departed TV shows we’d like to see return

With The Comeback returning this week for its second season on HBO nine years after it was originally canceled—continuing a trend of reappearances that also includes Arrested Development and Twin Peaks—we’ve nominated some departed TV shows we’d like to see return.

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      Better Off Ted This quirky and hilarious workplace comedy was just getting going when ABC canceled it after two seasons, and the darkly funny world of evil corporation Veridian Dynamics had so much potential left to explore. –Josh Bell

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      Deadwood HBO unceremoniously ended this masterpiece after three seasons so show creator David Milch could crap out the short-lived John From Cincinnati. A two-hour movie was promised but never materialized. C’mon, HBO, let us see Swearengen, Bullock and Calamity Jane one final time. –Ken Miller

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      Friday Night Lights I’d don a cheerleader outfit if producers revived this dynamic drama about a small Texas town obsessed with high school football (and memorably scored by post-rock band Explosions in the Sky). –Mike Prevatt

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      Journeyman NBC’s compelling time-traveling drama drew acclaim but not ratings, so it got pulled after one season, with most of its big questions left unanswered. Lead actor Kevin McKidd, now in his seventh season on Grey’s Anatomy, would be far better served journeying back to a time when this show existed. –Spencer Patterson

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      Party Down A Starz comedy following cater waiters awaiting their big Hollywood break might sound like a tool-a-rama, but think again. With Jane Lynch, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan and Megan Mullally in starring roles, it was knee-slapping gold. Next time around, it deserves a major-network, prime-time slot. –Mark Adams

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