6.66 reasons to get to know Demesic, Vegas’ iconoclastic instrumental death-metal trio

Demesic will melt your face.

1 Its members don’t personally hate the typical shrieking or guttural metal vocals, they just really like their instruments—and bucking expectations. “People expect us to open up with shrieking vocals and screaming,” drummer Bob Hill says. “We like to surprise them.”

2 The three-year-old band would like to set Mozart’s corpse on fire by way of shredding guitars, grinding bass and thrashing drums. “We wanted to start something akin to hell’s orchestra,” guitarist Michael Horton says. “Usually, though, we’re just really loud.”


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3 Demesic’s dedication to brutal music—and the word “brutal”—is so intense, a scheduled May 30 show (since cancelled) was billed as the “Brutal Fucking House Show” on MySpace.

4 The trio practices weekly at Hill’s Sandy Valley-area compound, with the closest neighbor some three acres away. “We can be as loud as we want, and either barbecue or shoot afterwards,” Horton says. “We’re like weekend warriors, but louder.”

5 The modern metal look is sooo waify these days. Sporting long hair, evil goatees and demonic monarch outfits, the members of Demesic look more like the foot soldiers of Thor than of Marc Ecko.

6 The band’s MySpace page features a photo of a dead and rotting goat the guys found near Hill’s rural house.

.66 Okay, the music rules, too.


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