Four questions with Silversun Pickups bassist Nikki Monninger

Silversun Pickups
Photo: Steve Gullick

This headlining tour's in support of last year's Swoon; will any new material be previewed at the show?

It's just mainly [Swoon]. We're not the type of band that can focus enough on the road; we're too busy having dance parties (laughs).

You've toured with bands all over the genre board: Placebo, Muse and now, Against Me! Who would you say has been the best match?

I think maybe Muse was our best match so far, but I just enjoy that we've been able to play with so many diverse bands. One of our first big tours was with Snow Patrol and OK Go, and that was still one of my favorites.

The Details

Silversun Pickups
with Against Me!, The Henry Clay People
July 16, 8 p.m., $24-$46
The Joint, 693-5222
Beyond the Weekly
Silversun Pickups

There was some controversy over your Best New Artist Grammy nomination last year—some people thought you'd been an established act too long to qualify. Thoughts?

We understand that the Grammy committee's not going out and getting demos from the clubs—that it might take awhile for us to get on their radar. It was a fun night and interesting to sit by all these famous musicians, to be in the same row as Ringo Starr and Beyoncé. We felt like the odd band out, but at the same time, it's an honor to be in their realm.

You're self-proclaimed non-planners, but did you have to bust out the calendar to prepare for your first major headlining tour?

It's funny, if we were planners we would have had this tour back in April … but we kept having these great opening spots ... somehow it's working out. We actually did a U.S. tour late last year but they were the smaller cities, and we saved larger cities for this time. We just wanted to have about a six-week tour with about a week or so off in between so we can go home and be back to normal for a short bit.


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