Catching up with Kyle Divine, guitarist for Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

Divine (far right) and his Dusty River mates

Is this really the band's last tour?

Yeah, probably. We've been doing it for a long time, and we're just not making enough money to live. We've just been struggling for a really long time, not paying off credit cards and other various personal expenses, just pushing all that back, waiting for the big payoff. After so many years, we really can't afford to keep doing it. We're probably going to stop playing altogether by the end of the year.

You guys have always drawn well in Vegas; how excited are you for the final stop here?

The Details

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
with The Steelwells, Coastwest Unrest
August 1, 9 p.m., $7
Beauty Bar, 598-1965
Beyond the Weekly
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

That's our last show on our last tour, so it's gonna be crazy. The shows in Vegas generally are some of the wildest. The first time we played in Vegas was 2005, and there's people still coming out to our shows from that very first [performance]. Every time we come out they support.

Besides your new album, will there be commemorative merch for sale?

We have some new shirts — see-you-later shirts. They say: "Dusty Rhodes and the River Band 2002-2010, Rest in Peace/Begin Again." [And] we have all sorts of other unique memorabilia; some wallets and handbags made by me. Those are only sold on the tour, so they're very special.


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