Genre jumble

Farm show blends lots of diverse styles - and it works

Photo: Laura Davis

Apparently, genre-hopping isn't reserved for major music festivals inflating ticket prices by overloading their bills; the Farm's Friday showcase on Feb. 26 offered something for most any musical preference. The eclectic, eight-act lineup — comprising reggae, folk, pop, punk and more — had potential to confuse its crowd, yet each outfit seemed to flow into the next, bringing in fresh fans throughout the night. A few individual highlights:

The GDB connection

Goldfish Don't Bounce, a staple on the Vegas scene for a decade, might not be around anymore, but the show goes on for a couple of its members. Friday's lineup included current projects of both Lauren Coleman, one-time GDB singer, and ex-GDB drummer Jordan Rosenthal.

Coleman's latest endeavor, Pebaluna, named after her pet poodle, allows her to showcase the softer side of her soulful acoustics. "It's really different," says Coleman, now based in Long Beach, California. "Now the stuff I'm into is jazz, hip-hop and folk." Rosenthal has been kept busy by two reggae outlets, HaleAmanO, which joined Pebaluna on the Farm bill, and Vegas Karma. "It's reggae, doing reggae right," says Rosenthal of HaleAmanO. "GDB was always trying to expand [reggae]." As for Vegas Karma, Rosenthal says an album in the works is a GDB reunion of sorts. "Everyone from GDB is part of it; it's going to be like GDB ... but bigger."

HOTS' new sounds

Holding on to Sound previewed two new songs at Friday's show: "The Sea" and "Seahorses," slated for an album to be released later this year. Singer Bennett Mains says the oceanic theme will be interlaced throughout the new project. "We're just obsessed with the ocean; it's the perfect metaphor in songwriting," he says. "You're in a sea of different sounds, [and] when I refer to sharks, it's a metaphor for government and authority."

New Skoon

An album is also on the horizon for The Skooners, whose show-closing set included three new songs. The awesomely titled Grow a Mustache, Change Your Name, recorded in Seattle, is set to make its debut next month. Frontman Blair Dewane sounded enthusiastic about Friday's crowd reaction to both the old and the new; despite taking the stage close to midnight, The Skooners had the whole room dancing. "The all-ages shows are back," he remarked upon exiting the stage. "It was a great turnout, a great energy throughout the whole night. ... I didn't see a bad performance."


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